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Why Take An SAT Prep Course?

Why does your teen need to take an SAT prep course? Obviously, it's to do better on the test. But what will your child really get out of one of these classes? You may be wondering why he can't just stay at home and read an SAT study book. Well, your child could. It just might not get him the best score possible. Understanding the ways in which a test prep class can help your student to succeed is the first step in making the decision to sign him up for a course. Read on to find out what a class can do for your young learner.

Test-Taking Strategies

It's not always what's on the test that matters, but how you take the test. Okay, so the content on the SAT is completely important to master. No student should go into the exam not knowing what will be on it. But that's only part of the battle. Understanding how to take a test (especially the SAT) is key to succeeding. This may include which questions to answer first and which ones to not spend as much time on, how and where to do scratch work, what the directions are for each section, and how to read written passages strategically. The prep class may also cover how much time is given for each section, strategies to maintain concentration, and ways to stay focused.

Creating Comfort

Taking a completely unfamiliar test is scary. Even if your child has taken the PSAT or this is his second try at the SAT, he may not feel comfortable with the test itself (or his ability to take the test). By reviewing the material with a teacher/tutor, taking practice tests and learning about the test itself, your teen may develop a greater sense of comfort. Between knowing what to expect and getting familiar with the content, your test-taker will go into the SAT without fear.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Along with studying and learning how to take the test, your teen will get the chance to actually take the SAT during his prep course—not the real test, but a practice version. Even though it's not the real deal, the practice one is enough like the SAT to help your child understand what's in store for him. He'll get to try out questions that are almost identical to the ones that will be on the exam and practice in a timed environment. This adds a sense of structure that is key to practicing for the real test.

SAT prep courses are much more than simple study sessions. Yes, your child will study. He'll also learn crucial test-taking strategies, build a sense of comfort (in taking the exam), and get invaluable practice opportunities. What will all of this do? It will help him to do the best possible when he eventually takes the SAT.