Questions To Ask When Considering A Christian Prep School

Christian prep schools provide an alternative to public schools, and many Christian schools are exceptional. If you're considering this type of school for your children, these questions will help you vet different schools so that you find one of the best. Is the School Accredited? Accreditation is foundational to any school, ranging from primary school to post-graduate universities. Any school that's accredited has established and maintained minimum educational requirements, as determined and confirmed by other accredited institutions. [Read More]

Why Remote Summer Programs Are So Important

In the past, kids couldn't wait for summer to come. They knew it meant a few months of freedom. Many children spent it watching television, playing outside, and just having fun. Kids still deserve to have fun in the summer, but they now have much better opportunities to quell their boredom. For example, there are many summer learning programs, including remote programs, available in most areas. If you want your child to do more with their summer, get them signed up for one of these programs. [Read More]

Understanding The Three Main Types Of Study Abroad Programs

If you are considering studying abroad as a high school student, it's important to choose the right program. Study abroad options are continually changing and expanding. They vary in location, length, cost, and goals. However, they can be broken down into three main types of programs.  Language and Culture Language and culture programs tend to be longer programs that allow a student plenty of time to adjust to a new place and get to know the people around them. [Read More]

K6 School Preparing For Transitions

Quality K6 schools can play a critical role in your child's academic and social growth. In particular, K6 schools make important scholastic and childhood transitions more manageable. Here are some of the programs the best K6 schools offer to help your childhood progress from milestone to milestone. Cohorts Children learn more from their peers than their teachers. Constructing a learning environment with strong communal values and a collaborative social infrastructure is a hallmark of the best K6 schools. [Read More]