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Questions To Ask When Considering A Christian Prep School

Christian prep schools provide an alternative to public schools, and many Christian schools are exceptional. If you're considering this type of school for your children, these questions will help you vet different schools so that you find one of the best.

Is the School Accredited?

Accreditation is foundational to any school, ranging from primary school to post-graduate universities. Any school that's accredited has established and maintained minimum educational requirements, as determined and confirmed by other accredited institutions. Unaccredited schools may or may not meet similar standards.

When you send your children to an accredited Chrisitan prep school, you can trust that they'll receive a quality education. Not only will they learn subjects to a confirmed standard, but their degree will also be recognized by other educational institutions. 

Higher-level schools will accept their degree if they graduate and continue on in academia, and other schools will accept their coursework if your child decides to transfer to another institution.

What Colleges Do Graduates Attend?

Most students at prep schools have a goal to attend college, and many students want to attend a high-level college or university. 

Assuming this is your hope for your child, ask what colleges past graduates of the Christian prep school are currently attending. You can then compare the rigor of these colleges with your desires, to see whether the Christian school will position your child well for acceptance at a college that they want to attend.

What Extracurriculars Is the School Known For?

Some Christian prep schools excel in extracurriculars, such as sports or music. In some cases, the quality of extracurricular programs is what draws students to a school -- as they hope to play a sport or instrument at the next level.

If your child has a potential future as a high-level athlete or musician, find out how good a Christian school's extracurricular programs are. Check both the program's typical record (if a sport) or major performances (if music), and also ask where former participants are now. 

How Flexible Are Students' Schedules?

Some Christian prep schools have fairly rigid schedules and offer only basic subjects, while others offer more classes and have more flexible schedules.

A rigid and more basic program can be perfectly adequate, as it provides a solid foundation for future study. If your child has interest in a particular subject, however, look for a Christian school that offers courses in that subject and provides flexible enough scheduling to take those courses.

Check out local prep schools to learn about your options for a Christian education.