4 Things You Need to Know About Private Schools

As a parent, you may feel that private school is the best option for your children. This may be because you don't have faith in your local public school system, or it may be because you want a different type of education experience for your child. Before you enroll your child in a private school, however, there are a few things you need to know. Use this guide to help determine whether or not a private school is right for your child.

Should You Teach Your Child To Learn To Read Before Preschool?

Most people have a story or know someone who has a story about being scolded by a teacher for knowing too much, too soon. Simple acts like reading a few words seem to elicit fairly extreme reactions in these stories. These recollections might make you question the value of starting to teach your children to read when they aren't even ready to head off to preschool. Don't let hearsay drive you away from that activity; there are some marked benefits to teaching your children to read at a very young age.

Child Approaching School Age? Two Reasons Why You Should Enroll Them In Private School

As your small child approaches school age, you have some important decisions to make.  One of the most critical choices you have to make involves whether you'll send them to public or private school.  If you were educated in public schools, you may not immediately see why private school is a better option.  However, your child stands to benefit quite a bit if they go to private school.  Use this information to learn more about why private school is the superior choice for your children.