Tackling Tough Transitions During Grades K-12

K6 School Preparing For Transitions

Quality K6 schools can play a critical role in your child's academic and social growth. In particular, K6 schools make important scholastic and childhood transitions more manageable.

Here are some of the programs the best K6 schools offer to help your childhood progress from milestone to milestone.


Children learn more from their peers than their teachers. Constructing a learning environment with strong communal values and a collaborative social infrastructure is a hallmark of the best K6 schools.

  • Synchronicity: as your child grows physically and academically, they will encounter a number of obstacles and challenges. The best K6 schools will create cohorts that help them tackle new challenges as they progress. For instance, when your child graduates from basic arithmetic to multi-variable multiplication, they can feel overwhelmed. K6 schools can help them cope with this new challenge by grouping them with peers who are learning at the same level. By grouping students in cohorts designed around learning goals, K6 schools can ensure that instruction and social support networks are tailored to help your child thrive through adversity. This same grouping technique can be used for children with different learning styles and needs.


Although extracurricular learning opportunities are commonly offered in high school, some of the best K6 schools use clubs to make sure that school stays fun for their students. This is particularly important when students transition from excited kindergarteners to eye-rolling, groaning, fifth and sixth graders.

  • Interests: whatever your child is "into", there's probably a club designed around their interest. For instance, if you child really loves gaming, they might look to join an esports or coding club. In addition to giving your child something to be excited about at school, clubs provide a built-in niche for making friends. Many clubs also offer competitive opportunities that can give your child a chance to test themselves in a safe environment and give them something to do during summer vacation.


In today's increasingly digital world, children need a tangible space to develop confidence and character. The best K6 schools help their students build character by offering leadership opportunities.

  • Community service: when students are given the chance to lead, they will feel valued. Some of the better K6 schools will help student develop character by offering community service opportunities. For instance, the school might organize a trash clean-up on a local stretch of road. By contributing to their local community, students will develop selflessness and compassion.